5 Steps To Choose Best Interior Designers In Nepal, India, Delhi

15 May , 2019 Uncategorized

Owning a beautiful home with best of the interiors matching to your own tastes is kind of a dream for everybody. If you have just shifted to an apartment or a flat, you might be wondering, what kind of interior design will suit it? Will it match your taste and preferences while remain modern, trendy and latest.

To solve this quagmire, you need to find a Home interior designer firm. While searching for an interior designer, you need to follow 5 Steps:

1. Set your taste for Interior Design:

Since interior designs whether it is for home, corporate office or Hotel interior design, has influences of your personal preferences and choices and also has influence of local culture, customs and traditions. For example India and Nepal are to neighboring countries but still they have different architecture for buildings etc.  Interior designer in Nepal will have different taste than that of Indian and vice-versa.

So, do you R&D, shortlist your color combinations, find some reference images and then approach a reliable interior designer.

2.Check Interior designer’s Portfolio :

Once you are done with your basic research and have material to discuss with your designer. Now, it is time to find an interior designer who matches your preferences and tastes. Browse through the internet, check with your friends for reference and once you find the one, check their portfolio and if possible visit their work in person.

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3.Meet the Designers:

So, once you have shortlisted few Home interior designers, discuss with them your ideas and how you envisage your home. Based on your inputs, designers will suggest you their designs and execution plans. Keep track on their designs and provide active suggestion or disagreements with their design and plans.

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4.Set the Budget:

The budgeting is one of the main phases of this whole process. You should communicate your ballpark budget to the designer, it will help him to accommodate and design the site as per the budget. He may also suggest some tweaking in the original design to bring it within your budget. Decide clear payment milestone at different phases of the project. You may also take help from your designer to suggest the appropriate timelines.

Dreamland Interior Designers

5.Implementation or Interior Design Execution:

You need to keep the close watch on the execution to check if it is as per the plan and agreed terms. There are many Interior designers who outsource or patty contract execution part to 3rd part Interior design contractors and they might not know or use material which is agreed.
So, clear communication is also a key during the implementation of the project.

Dreamland Interior Designers

So, choosing best interior designers is also a challenge. Above mentioned points which help you to make you decision easier while you choose the interior designer for Home, Hotel or Office Interior.  

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